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A Plumbing Company With 39 Years Combined Experience

Paul opened his doors in 2018 with his wife Deborah. Since then, they have strived to provide top tier service at competitive rates for their community of neighbors and friends. They believe in the value of their trade and, along with their two sons, work tirelessly to maintain its prestige. Although it may be a messy job, Paul the plumber knows its value. No matter how big or small a job, Paul has the answer.

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Is to wake up every morning ready to serve the same community we share with our customers. We work tirelessly to provide the best possible experience for our customers because we aren’t doing for strangers… we do it for our neighbors.

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Water Heaters

We specialize in installing, repairing, and replacing all types of water heaters. Whether your water heater is a 40-gallon natural gas heater that’s located in your attic, or a tankless heater with a manifold in your garage, Paul and his crew can handle it! Book your time slot today!

Repiping Services

Ever notice decreased water pressure during your morning shower? How about discolored water when you’re washing your dishes? A repipe of your home might be just the thing you need! We strive to keep our prices competitive, but we are no strangers to financially trying times during emergencies. Because of this, we offer in house financing for the investments that seem just a tad out of reach. Call us today for more info!

Sewer Services

There are few things worst than going to the restroom and being met with an overflowing toilet. We know the pain! Our technicians are intimately familiar with troubleshooting home sewer issues. Obstructions from tree roots to toys don’t stand a chance against a Paul and his machine! Book online today!

Camera Inspections

Have you tried clearing a sewer line only to be met with failure repeatedly? Tired of paying a plumber every 6 months to come out and fix a stoppage? Have Paul come out and LOOK inside. Our ability to visually locate a stoppage is invaluable, even if you decide you don’t want us to fix the stoppage (although most do). You can’t put a price on peace of mind like that… but we’ll try. Call us today to find out more!

Backflow testing, repair, and installation

Our water systems connect us all! In our apartment complexes, subdivisions, and every other kind of domicile that has running water, our plumbing systems eventually join. Backflow preventers, on public and private water systems, ensure that harsh chemicals, such as fertilizer used close to sprinklers, don’t Backflow into your drinking water. Furthermore, not every plumber can inspect, test, or repair these units. Our technicians have the required training and certification needed in order to provide top-notch service on any type of backflow preventer. Book online today to find out more!

Extended Service Agreements

How nice would it be if your plumbing could let you know when it was sick? Here at Paul the plumber, we offer extended service agreement options for our clients. What does this mean? For a fixed rate, our technicians will inspect your plumbing system twice a year for vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed list of shortcomings (prices included) within your plumbing! Call us today for more info.

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Saturday by appointment. Call for emergency service.

Service Areas

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